Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cutting - Police Moves in Gang Murder (1936)

29th January 1936
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The bullet-riddled body of Emile Allard, an elderly itinerant jewellery dealer, was discovered
under a hedge near St. Albans on 23rd January 1936. The police believed he had been taken to the spot by car either already dead or shot at the scene.
Police soon discovered that Allard, a French-Canadian also known as Max Kassel, had French criminal connections and had been imprisoned for 8 months in France for sex trafficking. They suspected the murderer or murderers had fled to France possibly by plane.
Later in the year French police arrested and charged a man, George Lecroix (aka Roger Vernon) and a woman, Susan Betrand (aka Susan Naylor) with the murder and rather than extradite them to England, tried them in Paris. He was found guilty and got 10 years.

Neither the murder of the prostitute Josephine (French Fifi) Martin the previous November nor that of the French acrobat Martial Lechavelier were ever solved.

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