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Cutting - Hitler's Deputy escapes to Britain (1941)

13th May 1941
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Hess joined the Nazi on 1st July 1920, and was at Hitler's side in November 1923 for the Beer Hall Putsch, a failed attempt to seize control of the government of Bavaria. Whilst serving time in jail for this attempted coup, Hess helped Hitler write Mein Kampf. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, Hess was appointed Deputy F├╝hrer and received a post in Hitler's cabinet.
Having learnt to fly at the end of WWI he retained his interest and obtained his private pilot's licence in 1929. During the 1930’s he owned 3 aircraft and logged many hours flying time.

On 10 May 1941, Hess flew himself across the Channel to Scotland, claiming that he wanted to meet with the Duke of Hamilton and plot a peace treaty that would lead to the supremacy of Germany within Europe and leave the British Empire intact. He crash landed near Eaglesham and gave his name as Alfred Horn, a friend of the Duke. Hess was taken to hospital for injuries sustained during his landing, the Duke was informed of the prisoner and visited him. Hess revealed who he was and why he’d come to Scotland. The Duke, also a keen airman, flew himself to London and informed Winston Churchill.

Hess was imprisoned by the British authorities until the end of the war and sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nuremberg trials. He spent the rest of his time in Spandau Prison and apparently committed suicide at the age of 93 in 1987.

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