Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sadat of Egypt Murdered (1981)

Daily Mirror dated Wednesday October 7th 1981
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The young Anwar Sadat was an anti-British and anti-colonial revolutionary and was instrumental, along with Gamal Nasser, in overthrowing King Farouk in 1952. When Nasser died in 1970 Sadat became President, but compared to Nasser, Sadat was a moderate and when he expelled Soviet advisers he gained limited support of the USA.
Sadat's attempts to reconcile Egypt's and Israel's differences led to him and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sharing the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize, but the subsequent 1979 Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty was not received well among the other Arab nations and Egypt's membership in the Arab League was suspended. Islamic discontent within Egypt festered and finally on October 6th 1981, during a military parade, 4 Egyptian Army soldiers attacked and shot Sadat.

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