Sunday, 27 July 2014

Maggie at Number 10 (1979)

Daily Express dated Friday May 4th 1979 
and Daily Mail dated Saturday May 5th 1979
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The 1979 General Election was called by Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan after he lost the last of his small majority in the House of Commons when the Scottish Nationalists withdrew their support. It was a 2 horse race with the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher gaining an extra 62 seats (339) and Labour losing 54 (269). The Liberals lost 2 ending up with 11. As usual with General Elections more people voted against the winning Party than for it - in this case 3.8 million people.
Thatcher went on to rule Britain for 10.5 years and was either a saviour or the Devil incarnate depending on your point of view.
I can't work out what the numbers in the grid on the front of the Daily Express are meant to be. They don't seem to bare any resemblance to the results.

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