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Proclamation of King Edward VII (1901)

The Guernsey Advertiser dated Saturday February 2nd 1901

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When Queen Victoria died on the 22nd January 1901, her son and heir Albert Edward was 59 years old and had lived a 'full' life during his long wait to become King. The Coronation was set for the 26th of July but had to be postponed when he had to be rushed to hospital 2 days earlier for an appendectomy. The Coronation of Edward VII finally went ahead on the 9th of August. 
After Victoria's long and isolated mourning for her husband Albert, the popularity of the Royals was at a low ebb but Edward soon changed that by numerous public appearances here and on the Continent.
A life-long heavy smoker he died of a heart attack on the 6th may 1910 and his son became George V.
The poem which also appeared on the front page is, by modern standards, well over the top and makes the eulogies to Princess Diana look mundane.

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