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Diana Dead

News of the World dated Sunday 31st August 1997
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Diana, Princess of Wales, died at 3a.m. on a Sunday morning, which rather caught the newspapers on the hop.  Most had already not only gone to press but were being distributed to retailers. So this edition of the News of the World stands in stark contrast to the blanket coverage that was to follow on the Monday morning when everyone had got their act together.  Just a sombre cover and a 2-page summary of the facts known by 6a.m.  On the Monday The Mirror had 25 pages of text and pictures plus a 48 page supplement devoted to the woman. Personally I think that the story, which boiled down to single mum of two killed in car crash, was better served by this edition than any other.

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Three things to muse upon here. 
What ever happened to mystic Meg?  Did she finally get a prediction true and win the lottery for herself, subsequently retiring to a life of luxury? 
Why oh why oh why do modern tabloids have to use pointless puns in their headlines?  Is this even a pun? ‘One punter scoops 9.5m potto’  What the **** is a ‘potto’?  If they can’t fit ‘Lottery’ in then why not use the generally accepted abbreviation ‘Lotto’?
Last, but not least, are they asking for a weather based scandal? If not then why include it in the weather box? Why include it at all – this being the News of the World, didn’t they have private detectives for this sort of thing?

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Guess who?  See below for the answer.

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Aaaaargh – another pun! I live on the South Coast and I haven’t noticed any Hoverplanes whooshing past my window at 200mph.  Surely by the time this craft had accelerated up to 200mph it would be time to put the brakes on to avoid ending up several miles down the E15 motorway to Paris.

This appears at the bottom of a story about a road-rage attack.  Notice that the request for information suggest calling the NOTW first and only as an after thought call the police.

But then the police probably already knew full well who they were looking for – this is one of the pictures that accompanied the article. Isn’t that a clear number-plate? Don’t the police have access to the DVLA database that would tell them who owned the car?  Call me cynical but I believe that all the NOTW was looking for was some juicy gossip and couldn’t care less if the road rage attacker got caught.

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Electronic Smart Pets – how sweet. I wonder where they all are now. In some old pets home or the local land-fill?

I can’t help wanting to add an entry to this list of things to do if you owned an Electronic Smart Pet – Get a Life!

The mystery picture? Dressed as a Smurf was Swedish-born ex-weather presenter Ulrika Johnson.  Don’t ask why.

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