Monday, 31 October 2011

Kennedy is Shot (1968)

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Evening Standard dated Wednesday June 5th 1968

Just after midnight Los Angeles time (Just after 9 am London time) on the 5th June 1968 a Palestinian immigrant, Sirhan Sirhan, shot and badly wounded New York Senator Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of the late President John F Kennedy who had been assassinated less than 5 years previous. The shooting took place in a kitchen corridor of the Ambassador Hotel when Kennedy was walking from a speaking engagement to a press conference.

The news came too late for the morning papers on the 5th and so appeared on the front of the London evening papers - The Star, the Evening News and the Evening Standard.

He died 26 hours later and so again the first reports were in the evening papers on the 6th.

Back in the mundane world of the inside pages you may have been looking for a job. Note that the wages quoted are annual salaries.

Or if you had a job this review of Cilla Black's first and only film, 'Work is a Four Letter Word', may have caught your eye

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