Friday, 20 May 2011

17 Bodies in Murder Horror

Daily Mirror dated February 11th 1983

According to the last paragraph a man was being held for questioning – one Denis Nilson. Nilson had been a cook in the Army and for a short while a policeman, but now he had admitted to ‘about 15 murders’ – he couldn’t remember quite how many. He was later convicted of 15 murders of young men and 2 attempted murders and is currently serving a ‘whole life’ sentence i.e. never to be release.
The two attempted murders are interesting in that although Nilson admitted at the time he had assaulted the first of the two, but police did not press charges and at the time of the second attempt the police again failed to act putting the incident down to a ‘homosexual domestic’.
He was finally caught out, not by a crack team of Scotland Yard detectives, but by a Dyno-Rod operative who reported suspicious material blocking a drain at Nilson’s home.

An inside page from the same edition

The kidnapping of the 1981 Derby winner Shergar was a long running story with no happy ending. A ransom was never paid and the horse was never seen again.
This article, written 25 years later, claims to uncover what really happened -
If you can tear your eyes away from the picture of Shergar and look for a moment at the picture of the young lady, note the photographer credit at the bottom – Piers Morgan. Could it be the one and only? Could there possibly be more than one? Please say no. The Piers Morgan we all know and… whatever, would have been 18 at the time and two years away from starting a career in the newspaper industry with the South London News.

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