Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Blog put on hold

As of today I will not be posting regularly as I seem to have scraped the barrel of my newspaper collection and do not want to rehash the same stories. So until (and if) I get any new papers of interest I shall leave things as they are.

For anyone coming across this blog and reading this post, it might be of interest to them that prior to 29th December 2013 the Sunday posts were more in keeping with the blog’s masthead description as seen above, with the front page and everything else I thought might be of interest from a single edition of a particular newspaper.   From then until the end of September 2014 the detailed Sunday posts were replaced by just a front page story. For the next 7 months it was alternating adverts and cuttings and for the last 3 months just adverts.

Thank you for your support and the 50,000 odd hits. I hope I have entertained those who have strayed this way.
Watch this space.


P.S. A new blog The Right Words which mostly covers books or films you may have missed can be found here.


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