Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cutting - Olympia Motor Show (1935)

17th October 1935
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The future King Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales, opening the Olympia Motor Show on 16th October 1935.  

If you were in the market for a shiny new 1936 car then why not try the Riley Kestrel 6 at £450 and only £7 10s a year road tax? Rover had 9 models ranging from a 10 horsepower model at £248 to a 14hp at £415. The cheaper Austin range had 12 models between £120 and £187 or 20hp Alvis for a whopping £800. 

For those must have accessories who could resist a trip meter which computes average speed  and times the car over a set distance down to 1/5th of a second?

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