Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cutting - Demoted General (1944)

8th June 1944
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A little tit-bit following the D-Day landings from an American paper. On the 18th April 1944 in the Claridge's Hotel restaurant in London the rather drunk Ninth Airforce Services Commander, Major General Miller complained to a nurse that something he had ordered from the States would not arrive in England before June 15th "well after the invasion". 
This wasn't the only breach in the extremely secret D-Day plans. For instance back in March Basil Liddell Hart, a militery expert, had been with Duncan Sandys, the Minister for Supply, at another London hotel when he showed the Minister what appeared to be details of the invasion and complained to Sandys that he hadn't been officially consulted. Sandys notified Churchill and Liddell Hart had his knuckles rapped.

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