Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Random Cutting - Girl stabbed in TV studio (1961)

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Dennis Vance had been an actor and then, from 1952, a TV producer and director whose work included one-off plays, series like ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ (which starred Micky (Monkees) Dolenz’ father) and, in April 1961 an episode of ‘The Avengers’. Janice Willett had worked with Dennis and they had had a relationship but she broke it off. At his trial for the stabbing he was sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment. His career in television carried on right up to 1979. He died in 1983. For a detailed account of the incident and its consequences see this page of the amazingly comprehensive website ‘The Avengers Declassified’.
The damaged paragraph in the middle reads ' 'In the main studio a dress rehearsal for a programme called The Avengers was being held'.

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