Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Random Cutting - The Lusitania arrives in Liverpool (1915)

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On the 4th February 1915 Germany declared that the sea around Britain was a War Zone and all but neutral shipping would be targeted. RMS Lusitania arrived in Liverpool on the 6th from New York. Because a majority of the passengers were American the Captain was advised, that on entering British waters, he was to raise the Stars and Stripes. British naval vessels were sent out to escort her into Liverpool but couldn’t find her and the Captain wouldn’t give his position to them over the radio in case a German U-boat overheard. He brought her in un-escorted.
On 1st May 1915 she sailed from New York but on the 7th, just 120 miles off the southern tip of Ireland, German U-boat U20 sank her with the loss of 1,195 people.

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