Friday, 2 November 2012

Random Ad - Berni Inn (1980's)

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I think someone is about to get a severe scolding! Berni Inns were around from 1955 until the late 1990's and specialised in steak and chips.


  1. I was searching for information about Berni Inns and found this blog post, but instead of looking for a minute or so I ended up surfing your site for ages... lots of memories... Would you mind if I used the graphic for a feature I plan to do on a Berni Inn menu - prawn cocktail, steak and chips, black forest cake and Irish coffee? my blog is

  2. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the site. I love it when I'm looking for one thing and get distracted by something else on sites I wouldn't think of visiting normally. No problem with you using the graphic.

    1. many thanks - i'm sure all my readers will enjoy it. sd