Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Random Cutting - Kent (Ohio) University shooting

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During the 1968 U.S. presidential campaign, Richard Nixon promised "peace with honour" for the Vietnam War. On April 30th 1970, Nixon, now President Nixon, announced that American forces had invaded Cambodia. Many Americans saw this as an expansion and lengthening of the Vietnam War.
In response students across the United States began to protest.  At Kent State University in Ohio on May 1st 1970 students held a protest rally. The Governor of Ohio sent for the National Guard. The troubles continued until, on the 4th, the National Guard tried to disperse a crowd of students by using fixed bayonets. The students scattered and the Guards started to withdraw.
Then, for some unknown reason, a dozen National Guardsmen suddenly turned round and began firing at the students.  Four students were killed and nine others were wounded. Some of the students shot were not part of the rally, but were just walking to their next class.
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