Sunday, 25 September 2011

Plot to Kill President Wilson

The Star dated Monday February 24th 1919

Even Wikipedia, that fount of all knowledge both true and imaginary, has little or nothing to say about this plot by Spanish anarchists to blow up US President Woodrow Wilson during his brief visit to Boston.  Were they ever tried?  Convicted?  What had they got against him?

President Wilson suffered a stroke later in 1919 and his health continued to deteriorate until he died in February 1924.

In September 1916, the German Zeppelin L-33 was brought down at Great Wigborough, Essex. It was virtually intact and her motors were undamaged. In one stroke the British had been handed a near perfect airship full of the latest German technology.  A crew of investigators recorded every feature of the ship in detail, taking five months to complete the task.  With this information the British designers adapted the plans of the R33 and R34 airships.

Jazz dancing!!  Whatever next?  Hold on for 35 years and you'll get Rock'n'Roll!!

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Should have gone to Specsavers

The genesis of the jet engine? Auguste Rateau (1863 – 1930) invented the turbo-charger and applied it to an aircraft engine as early as 1917.  Also among his invention were (according to Wikipedia among others) electric shutter glasses for watching 3D films in 1896!

Well if the upper classes that ran England in 1914 hadn't sent all the lower classes off to be butchered in the trenches of France and Belgium, there might have been enough still around in 1919 to do their dirty work for them.  That or the servant class, having been through the War, decided to tell their so called betters where to stuff their apple dumplings.

Film acting?  Mark my words ladies and gents, there's no future in the film business - they'll be inventing Television soon and all the cinemas will become Bingo Halls.

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