Saturday, 27 August 2011

Coronation Day 1953

Daily Mirror dated Wednesday 3rd June 1953

Seems the good folk at the Mirror couldn't decide which was the happiest picture of them all.

George VI had died in February 1952 and his eldest daughter Elizabeth had succeeded him.  In June 1953 she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II and she’s still is.

Not a lot else to say really.

Well this was before HD TV. And colour TV. And wide screen TV. And flat screen TV. And digital TV.  And 625 line TV.  It was black and white 405 lines probably watched on a 12 inch or 14 inch screen, so you’d be lucky to see anything at all.

The only other story to get a look in was the Conquest of Everest.  Although Hillary and Tensing had reached the summit on May 29th, the news came through from Nepal on the eve of the Coronation.

This extract from an article in the previous day’s Daily Mirror mentions Everest climber George Mallory.  Some people now claim that Mallory, whose body was found perfectly preserved on Everest in 1999, may have reached the summit in 1924.  

They may be indecisive but could never be accused of modesty

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