Sunday, 3 July 2011

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Saturday Globe dated Saturday April 28th 1906

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake had happened ten days previously on the 18th April and, along with the subsequent fires, killed at least 3000 people and left 300,000 homeless.

The Saturday Globe was founded in Utica in upper New York State in 1881 and claimed to be the first illustrated newspaper in the USA. It was the first to use rotary halftone presses.  Colour had been used in papers from as far back as 1855. The picture on the front of this paper looks to have been hand-tinted. The Daily Record printed a colour photo of Haile Selassie in 1936, but the first British all colour paper wasn’t until ‘Today’ started in 1986.

By 1900 the Saturday Globe was being produced in 33 editions covering the country from Maine to California. This is an Oswega edition; Oswega being a city of some 25000 souls (1906 figure) on the shore of Lake Ontario about 60 miles north-west of Utica. 

Warning – the following article contains views that even the Duke of Edinburgh wouldn’t air.
(Read column 1 through both images first)

No comment.

Long before the hey-day of the Chicago gangsters like Al Capone the city was well up in the 'Murder Capital of the USA' league tables, not to mention the International tournament.

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