Sunday, 19 June 2011

Follies Girl in Jack Diamond Drama

Daily Mirror dated Tuesday October 14th 1930

This should be titled ‘Jack Diamond Shot – Again”, as this was the third serious attempt to kill the gangster. Despite being given the Last Rights he finally recovered and lived, only to be fatally gunned down the following year on December 18th 1931.

This page 3 story gives more details. Marion Roberts went on to live with Jack (after his wife left him) right up to his death. Rumour had it that she may well have been responsible for putting him ‘on the spot’.

In the 1930 German Reichstag Elections the Nazi Party (Social Democrat Workers Party) increased their seats from 12 to 107 to become the second largest force in the Parliament behind the SDP who had 143 seats. In 1933 Adolf Hitler became Reich Chancellor and the rest is history - and a lot of people stopped laughing.

Malcolm Campbell went to America and unveiled Bluebird Mark II and on 5th February 1931 broke the World Land Speed Record at Daytona by driving at 246 miles an hour. He went on to break the record several times, finally surpassing 300 mph on 3rd September 1935.

A Hummer 1930's style??

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